What is Hirenodes

Employers who are looking for candidate can create an account and post jobs. Using a combination of human intelligence and technology, Hirenodes.com reviews requirements and suggests candidates. We send matching candidates profiles to employer on our platform. Hiring managers can contact candidates directly and take them through their normal hiring process.

Our Team

Pankaj Goyal
Product, Strategy and Technology

I am a startup technologist with over 11 years of experience. I have been working with startups since begining of my career. We started Hirenodes with basic concept of building a referral based hiring platform.

Sunil Sant
Product and Marketing

A startup enuthusiast and technology guy who loves to work with numbers with 11+ years of experience in the industry. I enjoy solving complex business/market problems and mapping it to product.

What do we have


Desktop not enough?

Hirenodes is a job search app that helps you find the right jobs with local first job recommendations. With the Hirenodes app, candidates can create a quick portfolio and immediately apply for jobs from their devices. Employers are given the convenience and mobility to post jobs wherever they need to get the work done and find the right candidates for their projects faster.

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